New Polo Shirt for 2018

After many, many years, we are upgrading our old cotton polo shirts with an updated version featuring modern, moisture wicking fabric. The shirts will come in standard-cut with buttons (similar to our current shirt style) and a female-cut without buttons.

Students who choose to purchase new polo shirts will be sized during band camp.

OPTIONAL -- As with the introduction of the new jackets last year, the new polo shirts are optional for students who already have a Seaholm polo shirt.

For more information, click the image above for a full-size view or click on specification sheeets below.

Uniform Volunteers

Supporting over 200 members of Seaholm Bands, the Uniform Volunteers are one of the most important groups of parents in the band. From measuring uniform sizes during band camp to managing the uniform room during marching season, these volunteers ensure that our band members always look sharp. Thank you!

Seaholm Band Uniforms

Seaholm Bands actually has three different uniforms: Formal Concert, Formal Marching and Casual/Warm Weather Marching. Additionally, each band member has a band t-shirt that is unique each year. The most creative uniforms of the year are on display at our annual Halloween Parade.

Prior to band camp, each family will receive a worksheet for contact information, booster dues and uniform fees (one form per family). They will also receive a uniform order worksheet for those items that need to be purchased. The information below will help explain each of the uniforms, what is provided by the school, and what needs to be purchased.

Formal Concert Uniform - For formal concert settings, such as Winter and Spring Concerts and Band Festival, students are issued black tuxedo uniforms. These uniforms are sized during band camp, are distributed to the students, and are stored at home. (click photo for larger image).

  • Concert Uniform Items Provided by Seaholm
    • Black Tuxedo Jacket
    • Black Tuxedo Pants or Skirt
    • Maroon Tie
    • Maroon Cummerbund
    • Black Suspenders (only for AM Jazz Band)
    • Garment Bag
    • Hanger

  • Concert Uniform Items Brought from Home
    • White Tuxedo Shirt - A pleated front, wing collar shirt is required. During band camp, representatives from The Tux Shop on Woodward will be on-hand to measure and accept orders for tux shirts.
    • Black Shoes (bring from home or wear marching shoes)
    • Black Socks/Hose/Tights (no natural color hose or tights)

Formal Marching Uniform - For most football games and marching band performances, the full marching uniform will be used. Unlike the concert uniform, the marching uniform is kept in the uniform room at school. The students arrive at the band room prior to the performance, change into their uniform, and then change out of the uniform after the performance.

  • Marching Uniform Items Provided by Seaholm
    • Black Marching Bibs
    • Maroon Marching Jacket
    • White Baldric (sash with Seaholm name)
    • Black Beret
    • White Gloves (percussion section does not wear gloves)
    • Hanger

  • Marching Uniform Items Purchased from Band Boosters
    • Black Marching Shoes

  • Marching Uniform Items Brought from Home
    • Black Socks

Casual/Warm Weather Marching Uniform - For warm weather marching, such as the first football games in August and the Celebrate Birmingham Parade in May, the band will march in the casual marching uniform.

When the weather is colder, but the casual uniform is still being used, the black band jacket will be added.

The black band jacket has been redesigned for 2017 with more modern fabrics. While returning band members may order a new jacket, is it NOT required and they may continue to use their fleece.

  • Casual Warm Weather Marching Uniform Purchased from Band Boosters
    • Maroon Band Polo Shirt
    • Black Band Jacket (jackets are typically embroidered with student's name).
      New jacket design for 2017. Returning students are not required to purchase new jacket.

  • Casual Warm Weather Marching Uniform Brought from Home
    • Khaki Pants
    • Brown Belt
    • White Crew Socks
    • White Tennis Shoes


Band T-shirt - Each year there is a new band t-shirt design. This t-shirt is worn on the last day of band camp, during trips, and can be worn under the formal marching uniform.





Halloween Parade Uniform - Our last uniform is totally custom and changes every year. The only appropriate uniform for this parade is a Halloween Costume and it is one of the highlights of the year. Click here for photos from past parades.