Band Leadership

Band students hold elections for Band Council members in the spring....

Drum Majors:

  • Wendy Wilkinson
  • Priscilla Lloyd
  • Nick Confer

Section Leaders:

  • Flutes: Ben Williams, Cami Vida, Lachlan Gordon and TBD
  • Clarinets: Leah Warren, Haley Jensen, Daniel Righter and Griffin Simmons
  • Alto/Tenor Saxes: Ellyn Yost, Ebony Johnson, Alex Urlaub and Dana Hoerman
  • Trumpets: Johnny Reider, Michael Dean, Emma Keer and Grace Work
  • Mellophones: Gabe Raymond
  • Trombones/Baritones: Nayri Carman, Byron Work, Matthew Mulattieri and Griffin DeWitt
  • Tubas/Bari Saxes: Mitchell Moore and Zach Jennings
  • Percussion Section Leader: Matthew Hermann
    • Snare Captain: Sabrina Miller
    • Quad Captain: David Seago
    • Bass Captain: Cam Rifkin
    • Cymbal Captain: Nolan Lamb

Your 2016-17 Seaholm Band Leaders:
Band Council:

  • President: Johnny Reider
  • Vice President: Nick Confer
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Priscilla Lloyd
  • 12th Grade Rep:  Wendy Wilkinson
  • 11th Grade Rep: Dan Righter 
  • 10th Grade Rep: Lily Tripp